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Author Topic: An alternative to RealD Precision White Screen.  (Read 2673 times)

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An alternative to RealD Precision White Screen.
« on: Thu November 28, 2013, 03:42:59 PM »
RealD is in over half of the 3D cinema theaters in the world. Silver screens are required for passive 3D systems to maintain polarization and remove "ghosting".  Many exhibitors and integrators are not happy with silver screens, it is often criticized because of the bright hot spot created by the projector beam in the central part of the screen due to its silver coating. Complaints focus on the use of silver screens for traditional 2D screenings.
RealD recently announced a new screen  "Precision White Screen"
While marketing focuses on the term "White" the screen is actually Silver but at a much lower gain. The results greatly reduce hot spotting to an acceptable level for 2D screening.
Both Severtson and Stewart Film Screen have released a low gain version silver screen. I recently spent some time with the Severtson named S?Vision 3D GX silver screen. Severtson's Signal to noise ratio is an astounding 250:1. They are one of the few RealD 3D certified cinema screens available.
I have a long history using Silver screens and I can say this screen with a gain of 1.4 greatly reduced hot spotting to a level much closer to that of a matt white screen. The screen exhibits the typical Silver greyish base color.
To my eye there is slight fall off at the corners visible using test patterns barley noticeable when projecting movie content. A very big and welcomed improvement.
Below are a few images of the S?Vision 3D GX silver screen 1.4 gain under real world conditions.
Highly recommended.

Without ambient lighting

With ambient lighting

Hit with 2k Xenon @ 100IRE. Uniformity is greatly improved.

Linkback: http://dci-forum.com/reviews/5/alternative-reald-precision-white-screen/34/
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