First eye witness report of a full movie screening at Lotte's Samsung Premier

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Renowned imaging and display industry analyst Chris Chinnock of Insight Media, has just published his impressions on his first time viewing a full length feature film on a real world installation of the Samsung's Digital Cinema LED display at Lotte World in Seoul, Korea.

The eye-witness report is easily summarized by Chris' answer to the question But how would it hold up watching a full length movie?

The simple answer is "Extremely well".

The cinema was running the Spanish Language movie Contratiempo. However there was no re-grading to exploit the premium performance of the LED Display. The theater just ran it at double standard brightness, around 100 nits, not the 500 nits for peak white the display is said to be capable of.

I believe this was a standard 2K DCP movie mastered at 14 fL (48 cd/m²) with a DCI-P3 color gamut. While the screen can support 4K content with HDR up to around 500 cd/m² of peak luminance, this was not an HDR movie. However, I was told that the theater operators were running the content at around 100 cd/m² of peak brightness – about twice as bright as the mastering level.
Chris writes in his Display Daily.

Adding that blacks are truly black, the sharpness and uniformity of the image were excellent, with no noticable luminance drop-off. The image was not particularly colourful, but  skin-tones were not off. Of course most LED Displays don't have a particularly wide colour colourspace, commercial displays geared to brightness so offering Rec.709 colourspace at best. Samsung's DCi Display is said to offer proper DCi P3 colourspace, but that is no wider than regular cinema. The fact that there was no re-grading and thrillers tending to be relatively dark and grey movies, will not contribute to extreme colours either.

Only in the closing credits Chris noticed two artifacts halo and strobing scrolling of the white credits, Samsung engineers reiterated that these artifacts are not in the display.

The Harmon audio processing works, with speakers above the screen, voices appear to be emmited from the characters mouths in the middle of the screen.

So, great news from Chris in Seoul.

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