Christie launches 25K Lm Crimson 3 DMD BoldColor Laser-Phosphor projector series

Christie launches 25K Lm Crimson 3 DMD BoldColor Laser-Phosphor projector series Author Topic: Christie launches 25K Lm Crimson 3 DMD BoldColor Laser-Phosphor projector series  (Read 251 times)

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Following a preview at the ISE show in Amsterdam last February Christie today launched the 25000 lumen Crimson Series 3 DMD BoldColor Laser-Phosphor projector at LDI 2017.

Christie launches 25K Lm Crimson 3 DMD BoldColor Laser-Phosphor projector series

Christie said it delivers up to 25,000 ISO lumens, 60Hz processing, and Christie BoldColor Technology in a compact and rugged package with a low cost of ownership for rental, staging and fixed installation customers. For further cost savings, customers can upgrade from their existing Christie M Series and Christie J Series to experience the lamp-free technology of the Christie Crimson WU25 and HD25 without needing to purchase new lenses​.

And that using an almost identical chassis as the bestselling Christie Boxer and featuring 20,000 hours of long life light, Christie Crimson Series can withstand the rigors of the road and high-usage applications. For customers needing higher frame rates, and up to 120Hz for 3D visualization or simulation applications, the new Christie Mirage HD25 and Mirage WU25 fit the bill.

BoldColor means it uses not just the traditional blue lasers, but also red lasers to enhance red and yellow colours. Something we are starting to see from Laser-Phosphor projector vendors seeking to improve that technology and move laser into applications that are less well served by more expensive RGB laser technology and less colorfull blue-laser-phosphor projectors.

At ISE Curtis Lingard told us the demo projector offered upto 35000 lumens, and the platform under development could be fitted with any DMD from WXGA trough to native 4K. The Crimson's resolution options have not been revealed in the announcement, and non-US visitors will need to use an VPN to even get to see the 3DLP web page listing the Crimson series, to find out.

According to the productsheet it comes in both HD and WUXGA resolutions.

It also confirms that Christie has now completely moved aways from marketing the lower ANSI-Lumens figure, going with ISO lumens instead. Something that may take some getting used to, but I am sure all manufacturers will do.

“Audiences will see an appreciable difference in both color richness and brightness with Christie Crimson,” said Curtis Lingard, senior product manager, Christie. Adding “And with its long-lasting brightne​ss, rock-solid reliability, TruLife Electronics, and BoldColor Technology, the Christie Crimson Series combines the best in laser phosphor technology with the brightness and color that both fixed and live events stagers demand in today’s ever-evolving marketplace”.

Christie says the Crimson is designed with the technician in mind, the Crimson Series is built-tough and is easy to ship, handle and install thanks to its compact form factor, quiet operation and 360-degree orientation. Featuring an IP5X sealed, solid-state laser light source, Crimson projectors provide years of reliable, low-cost, and virtually maintenance-free operation while delivering vibrant, lifelike colors in theme parks, indoor and outdoor arenas and stadiums, entertainment venues, mega events, public spaces, and more.

The Crimson features the ultra-fast processing of Christie TruLife electronics and built-in warp and blend capabilities of Christie Twist. The optional Christie Mystique will reduce multiple projector calibration times from hours to minutes, saving both time and labor costs, Christie claims.

The Christie Crimson ships in February 2018.

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