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Back to the Roots: TV History from the Beginning / Re: Mechanical Television primer
« Last post by albert on Tue December 12, 2017, 05:24:26 AM »
I have found this website - it has the most stringent info on the Jeffree Cell so far...

I think this type of cell could be used in holographic imaging today.
In the News / SES adds 4K channels to US and German platforms
« Last post by DCI forum on Tue December 12, 2017, 04:22:16 AM »
Satellite operator SES has added The Country Network to its managed 4K to cable/IPTV networks managed service. TravelXP 4K has been added to its German HD and 4K pay-tv service HD+.

The Ultra HD platform packages satellite distribution, reception gear, and the world's largest 4K channel line-up for cable and IPTV operators of all sizes across North America. Though to date its customers are mainly independent Cable and IPTV operators.

"SES offers a powerful and unique combination of global video distribution leadership, unrivalled relationships with the largest cable operators and entertainment companies, and the first commercial Ultra HD platform," said Tim Eaton, President and CEO of The Country Network. "The SES Ultra HD solution will enable The Country Network to greatly accelerate our 2018 growth strategy, which is all about introducing our new 4K channel to the most influential media companies, large and small, and expanding to multiple platforms," Eaton added. "SES is really the only game in town when it comes to delivering on our lofty goals as a budding Ultra HD network."

The three satellites delivering SES's Ultra HD service, reach all 100 million-plus US cable television homes. The Country Network is currently enjoyed by country music fans in 15 million US households. It is also streaming through its own website, and available through affilliates in 51 US markets that cover 44 million households.

Travel and lifestyle channel Travelxp 4K, will start delivering its programmes in Ultra HD (UHD) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) to SES' HD and now Ultra HD pay tv service HD+'s viewers across Germany as of 13 December 2017. The channel will be broadcast via Astra 19.2 degrees East and will rely on SES' MX1 subsidiary for playout and uplink services. Travelxp 4k will initially be available to viewers in Germany in English, with a German version set to be released in the first quarter of 2018.

"The launch of Travelxp 4K in Germany via satellite shows that UHD is gaining ground in the country. Travelxp 4k is the eighth UHD channel to be transmitted by Astra satellite in this market", said Christoph Mühleib, managing director of Astra Deutschland and responsible for marketing Astra and MX1 services in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

"Travelxp 4K made its world debut in Ultra HD with SES almost a year ago and we have continued to innovate with SES ever since," noted Prashant Chothani, CEO of Travelxp. "We are delighted that our partnership with SES's media platform HD+ will soon enable German viewers to enjoy our content on Travelxp 4k. The channel will initially launch in English, but from the beginning of 2018, viewers will also be captivated by our visually stunning, well-produced German content".

"By leveraging our global infrastructure, our unique product portfolio and our commitment to new TV technologies, we have fast become the leader in Ultra HD", adds Ferdinand Kayser, CEO of SES Video. "The combination of ASTRA capacity, MX1 services and the HD+ media platform creates a strong formula that allows Travelxp 4K to introduce its Ultra HD content in Germany. With the addition of Travelxp 4K to its bouquet, HD+ is entering the next phase of the Ultra HD development in Germany, continuing what started two years ago with the first Ultra HD demo channel".

You are right the guy install my Crestron System told me already that it will be difficult to find a switcher/matrix that can support all the inputs signals.
Worst is the Billy Linn Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk movie with 3840x2160 at 60P HDR and Rec. 2020 color.
If the matrix can handle this I am fine.
Computer 4K 3D is just 2 times 3840x2160 24P SDR Rec. 709.
My guess the big names have one but this will be not cheap.
Volfoni and MediaMation Join Forces to Showcase Best-in-class Cinema Technology at CineAsia 2017

Volfoni Limited, the leading European provider of 3D technology, today announced that Volfoni and MediaMation, the leading provider of 4D technology, have joined forces to showcase the best-in-class 3D and 4D cinema technology at CineAsia 2017.
Source: Volfoni and MediaMation Join Forces to Showcase Best-in-class Cinema Technology at CineAsia 2017
DCI Site Announcements/Q&A & Issues Reporting Forum / Re: thread broken, need fixing
« Last post by MrPixels on Tue December 12, 2017, 12:29:45 AM »
Does anyone read this section and fix anything. I never see any replies and everything reported goes unfixed. Why have this section.
So Wolfgang what are your criteria in selecting an HDMI 2.0a/b matrix? Have you identified any candidates yet? I know Peter ran into trouble, or just less concerning issues with all of the first/second generation HDMI 2.0 switchers/matrices. Mostly EDID issues, but we are at least another year down the road, so what could/would work. The HDFury products allow for forcing displays in HDR mode, so that might be an option for just switching two HDMI sources to one display. But not sufficient if one has to have two or more outputs, or more inputs.
Today I got the almost last update for my Crestron System that drive the whole cinema and much more.

Now I can select all sources via the the hot keys on the display see picture.
Only a Matrix Switcher is missing as both HDMI Inputs from the Barco Alchemy + Input  was blocked already with other sources.
But my 4K 3D computer need per eye one HDMI Input at the Barco.
As I not like to disconnect both HDMI cables and connenct it after I finish the 4K 3D Computer Slide Show
I need such a system that can be controlled with the Crestron System and the hot keys as well.
comScore Announces Official Worldwide Box Office Results for Weekend of December 10, 2017

comScore today announced the official worldwide weekend box office estimates for the weekend of December 10, 2017, as compiled by the company's theatrical measurement services.

As the trusted industry partner for real-time box office reporting, comScore is the only theater-level movie measurement and analytics company providing insights across the world's largest markets, covering 95 percent of the global industry gross. Using comScore's suite of movie products, customers are able to analyze admissions and gross results from around the world.

comScore's Senior Media Analyst Paul Dergarabedian commented, "Disney/Pixar's 'Coco' grabbed the top spot for the third consecutive week around the world with a $73.6 million weekend box office performance as it nears the $400 million global milestone.  Notably, Fox's 'Murder On The Orient Express' nears the $300 million mark while Warner Bros.' 'Justice League' crosses $600 million worldwide."

The top 12 worldwide weekend box office estimates, listed in descending order, per data collected as of Sunday, December 10, are below.

Coco - Disney - $73.6M
Murder On The Orient Express - 20th Century Fox - $25.2M
Justice League - Warner Bros. - $25.0M
Paddington 2 - Multiple - $21.5M
Wonder - Lionsgate - $19.9M
Daddy's Home 2 - Paramount Pictures - $17.6M
Thor: Ragnarok - Disney - $9.4M
Bad Moms Christmas, A - STX Entertainment - $8.6M
Disaster Artist, The - Warner Bros. - $7.4M
Big Call, The - Multiple Chinese Distributors - $5.1M
Loving Vincent - Multiple - $4.6M
47 Meters Down - Multiple - $3.8M
The top 12 domestic weekend box office estimates, listed in descending order, per data collected as of Sunday, December 10, are below.

Coco - Disney - $18.3M
Justice League - Warner Bros. - $9.6M
Wonder - Lionsgate - $8.4M
Disaster Artist, The - A24 - $6.4M
Thor: Ragnarok - Disney - $6.3M
Daddy's Home 2 - Paramount - $6.0M
Murder On The Orient Express - 20th Century Fox - $5.1M
Star, The - Sony - $3.7M
Lady Bird - A24 - $3.5M
Just Getting Started - Broad Green Pictures - $3.2M
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri - Fox Searchlight - $2.9M
Bad Moms Christmas, A - STX Entertainment - $2.6M

Full details regarding the global domestic and international box office results are listed in the table below.
#   Title   Worldwide Wknd   Intl Wknd   Dom Wknd   Worldwide Cume   Intl Cume   Dom Cume   Intl   Terrs   Dom
1   Coco   $73,603,000   $55,300,000   $18,303,000   $389,508,690   $254,000,000   $135,508,690   DIS   36   DIS
2   Murder On The Orient Express   $25,200,000   $20,100,000   $5,100,000   $274,707,515   $182,000,000   $92,707,515   FOX   60   FOX
3   Justice League   $24,995,000   $15,400,000   $9,595,000   $613,360,371   $401,300,000   $212,060,371   WB   67   WB
4   Paddington 2   $21,500,000   $21,500,000   -   $70,750,000   $70,750,000   -   MUL   18   WB
5   Wonder   $19,850,000   $11,400,000   $8,450,000   $129,603,106   $29,300,000   $100,303,106   LGF   57   LGF
6   Daddy's Home 2   $17,600,000   $11,600,000   $6,000,000   $142,359,459   $51,200,000   $91,159,459   PAR   60   PAR
7   Thor: Ragnarok   $9,391,000   $3,100,000   $6,291,000   $833,156,064   $532,000,000   $301,156,064   DIS   47   DIS
8   Bad Moms Christmas, A   $8,640,000   $6,000,000   $2,640,000   $114,260,606   $45,500,000   $68,760,606   STX   52   STX
9   Disaster Artist, The   $7,435,514   $1,000,000   $6,435,514   $9,732,288   $1,700,000   $8,032,288   WB   4   A24
10   Big Call, The   $5,095,000   $5,095,000   -   $5,115,000   $5,115,000   -   MULTICN   1   -
11   Loving Vincent   $4,647,574   $4,510,000   $137,574   $23,130,122   $17,360,000   $5,770,122   MUL   16   GDE
12   47 Meters Down   $3,780,000   $3,780,000   -   $61,697,192   $17,390,000   $44,307,192   MUL   3   ESMP
13   Star, The   $3,675,000   -   $3,675,000   $32,279,046   -   $32,279,046   SNY   1   SNY
14   Lady Bird   $3,547,469   -   $3,547,469   $22,331,138   -   $22,331,138   -   1   A24
15   Swindlers, The   $3,525,000   $3,525,000   -   $25,131,811   $25,000,000   $131,811   MUL   4   WGUI
16   Just Getting Started   $3,331,568   $150,000   $3,181,568   $3,331,568   $150,000   $3,181,568   SR&CO   4   BGP
17   Noel & Cie   $3,300,000   $3,300,000   -   $3,300,000   3,300,000   -   GAUMONT   1   -
18   Perfect Strangers   $3,000,000   $3,000,000   -   $7,800,000   $7,800,000   -   UNI   1   -
19   Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri   $2,860,000   -   $2,860,000   $18,310,284   -   $18,310,284   -   1   FSL
20   Happy Death Day   $2,732,000   $2,700,000   $32,000   $112,273,280   $56,600,000   $55,673,280   UNI   64   UNI
21   Forgotten   $2,660,000   $2,660,000   -   $6,680,000   $6,680,000   -   MEGABOXPLUS   1   -
22   Mary And The Witch's Flower   $2,240,000   $2,240,000   -   $30,825,000   $30,825,000   -   CJE   1   -
23   Furious   $2,205,000   $2,205,000   -   $7,090,000   $7,090,000   -   MUL   2   -
24   Pororo, Dinosaur Island Adventure   $2,145,000   $2,145,000   -   $2,175,000   $2,175,000   -   NEXENT   1   -
25   Between Family   $2,115,000   $2,115,000   -   $5,235,000   $5,235,000   -   MUL   6   -
26   Mountain Between Us, The   1,660,000   1,400,000   260,000   59,606,291   29,400,000   30,206,291   FOX   21   FOX
27   Jigsaw   1,465,000   1,300,000   165,000   100,750,218   62,900,000   37,850,218   LGF   65   LGF
28   Darkest Hour   1,377,000   600,000   777,000   5,931,908   4,700,000   1,231,908   UNI   2   FOC
In the News / Clarus XC Technology the Official Screen of CineAsia 2017
« Last post by DCI forum on Mon December 11, 2017, 05:00:02 PM »
Clarus XC Technology the Official Screen of CineAsia 2017

Harkness Screens the world’s leading screen technology company and thought-leaders in on-screen brightness is once again delighted to confirm that Clarus XC technology is the screen of choice for 2D and 3D theatrical presentations during CineAsia 2017, the industry’s leading event for the Asian market.
Source: Clarus XC Technology the Official Screen of CineAsia 2017
In the News / Euskaltel launches TV service running Technicolor Android (TV) Box with NAGRA
« Last post by DCI forum on Mon December 11, 2017, 02:31:40 PM »
Spanish cable TV provider Euskaltel has launched an IPTV service using new Android TV-based 4K set-top boxes provided by Technicolor. Security is provided by NAGRA. This new launch marks the first Android TV Operator Tier deployment for NAGRA.

No specifics with respect to 4K content are provided,on the company's website.

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"Consumer demand for high-quality content on multiple screens keeps growing and we're delighted to respond with this new offer for our subscribers", said Leticia Sánchez Berian, Director of Television Operations at Euskaltel. "By working with NAGRA and Technicolor, we were able to introduce a new 4K set-top box that allows us to take advantage of our existing OpenTV backend platform to deliver linear and on-demand premium content while also tapping into a rich Android TV video app ecosystem to deliver even more value to our customers".

Euskaltel is the leading telecommunications group in convergent offerings in northern Spain. The company has strong territorial ties and a well-founded commitment to the Basque Country, Galicia and Asturias, where it operates via Euskaltel, R and Telecable. The telecommunications group offers its services to a market of 6 million people, serving over 800,000 residential customers and companies.

Thierry Legrand, Senior Vice President Sales EMEA at NAGRA said: "This launch further demonstrates that, because they are designed for secure IP, cloud and data-centric environments, NAGRA's newest technologies in content protection and user experience can add significant value to an operator choosing the Android TV ecosystem".

"As Android TV gains traction with pay-TV operators worldwide, we are delighted to work with a trusted partner like NAGRA to deliver a secure and feature-rich solution to Euskaltel, based on our advanced 4K Ultra HD set-top box designs", stated Gaetan Delcroix, VP, OTT Product Mana gement and Engineering at Technicolor Home Division. "NAGRA elegantly brings together the best of both the broadcast and broadband worlds to offer maximum flexibility in managing content security to operators".
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