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This week Wednesday I open my cinema for a visit from some good friends that comes with some very special content and we did a lot of compare of different source materials include some very unique 4K 3D Time laps in 24P and 30P and some other DCI 3D Material.

We had a long evening till 10:30pm.

First we compare “Passengers” the UHD 4K 2D Version Rec. 2020 and HDR to the 3D BD 2K Version.
Here we all can see very good how much the difference this 2 versions have.
The UHD Version show a lot more details thanks to the true 4K Master much better color and some nice HDR Effects but 3D was big missing!
The 2K BD 3D Version show visible less details less good color no HDR but had 3D on and even it was only a 2D to 3D Up convert it opens up a new dimension as 2D to 3D was made very well.
Hard as we are all together big 3D lovers to rate what is better but to me I prefer the UHD Version in 2D as their advantage is huge compare to the 3D BD Version.

Often such a compare goes the other way.
A good sample is “The Martian”.
This UHD Disc was based on 2K Master and not show a perfect picture so I prefer the 3D BD Version as over all this is the more impressive version.
But please note that all such comparison was done with the Barco 6P Thor Projector that had the best possible 3D at the market and compare to other
Projectors they often show a much less good 3D Picture with a lot less brightness less color and not perfect ghosting.
But also 2D looks better than everything I have seen so far.
Take this into account when you may do this compare with other Projectors and may got different results as I got with the Barco Thor 6P Laser Pr.

The above is a clear sign that if the potential from what a UHD Disc “can” offer if was perfect made can be the winner in such a compare over a 3D BD but reality 
are often different.

We also compare Billy Lynn’s “Long Halftime Walk” UHD Version the only so far movie UHD Disc that had a 4K “60P” HDR Rec. 2020 Version.
As this movie was shot in real 3D the 3D Effect is better than the up convert Passengers 3D BD so the compare had a different result.
There we really have the first 15 min. big problems to adopt to the 60P Framerate the UHD offers.
It not looks like film anymore but after some 20 min. we adopt to it and when we than change back to the 3D BD version that have only 24P we was shocked how bad 24P looks in motion
and we need again time to adopt to this as well!
Than we wish us 60P back!
So for me it will be just take some time till more movies was shot in HFR 60P or in future may 120P or an adaptive Frame Rate that was discusses lately in the Industry a lot till you will found
24P a nightmare to watch.
My daughter’s 12 and 15 are say when they see first time this 4K 60P Content “Papa super good first time not any stutter visible” !!!

Later we watch a part of a nice 2K 3D Cinema DCI Content from the Movie
“Kalif Storch in 3D” shot in the in the Puppet Payhouse in Bad Tölz near Munich that Albert and Karl Heinz (both to the left) owns and runs.
You can see it at YouTube in 3D in good quality but you need a Red Cyan Glasses:

BTW I know Albert since I was a young boy at 16 years as he was as I in the Munich 3D Club 40 years ago.

One of the highlight for all of  us was to see first time Günters ( in picture he was at the right side) new 4K 3D Time-lapse that was record with a full frame Canon 5D Mark2.
This content was the best 4K 3D I have seen so far.
Sad we can’t play it back in 30P as the Pr. still had a bug but in 24P it plays without any problem.

My guest was all simply overwhelmed how this 3D and as well 2D looks.
They was very surprised how bright this Pr. was in 3D even if the Cr. improvement takes almost 50% light away and how the 3D looks with no ghosting at all a very high cr. and a world record ansi cr.
perfect color and with an razor-sharp image on the screen paired with a very nice perfect uniformity and not any visible shading.

The all agree that this was the best 3D they have ever saw and even more they say it was the best overall picture they saw from a digital Projector in there live.
As this comes from people that are doing 3D over 40 years long  and saw everything in 3D means a lot.

It confirms my statement I do some time ago that the Barco Thor is not only in 3D also in 2D the best overall Projector money can buy today.
I went up to samsung to inspect the 1.5mm pitch system we will be implementing in The San Diego Omni PH.

Like wolfgang I was surprised to see visible seams, and another artifact which i will cover later.

The visible seams ocurr because of level discrepencies in the Z axis. There is a spring tension screw adjustment that eliminates this, it works because in some parts of the image it was perfectly matched. The thing is that this is an office demo room and people go in and remove tiles and touch them etc.

It is theoretically possible that such seams if we had for example my engineer doing the adjustment and i sitting on the MLP that it could be near perfect.

John is very good like that.

In addition to the same problem that samsung has in common with cledis there is an additional adjustment specific to the surface mounted LED's. Bright lines!

In the pixel rows where the two tiles meet each other there is increased brightness. There is a special calibration process where the brightness of the individual pixel rows is toned down to match the tile.

It works because there were a few tile junctures where it was perfect, but again because of the evrybody touches and plays with it nature of the demo system quite a few bright edges could be found.

ALL IN ALL it will be a lot of work but something having seen some of it working we feel, and also use spcial color analyser with 16 bit video resolution on a per tile basis will also enhance.

So it becomes a perfect challenge for us to bring into our lab and give it a CINERAMAX reference picture quality, we welcome this huge challenge.
Following a preview at the ISE show in Amsterdam last February Christie today launched the 25000 lumen Crimson Series 3 DMD BoldColor Laser-Phosphor projector at LDI 2017.

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Christie said it delivers up to 25,000 ISO lumens, 60Hz processing, and Christie BoldColor Technology in a compact and rugged package with a low cost of ownership for rental, staging and fixed installation customers. For further cost savings, customers can upgrade from their existing Christie M Series and Christie J Series to experience the lamp-free technology of the Christie Crimson WU25 and HD25 without needing to purchase new lenses​.

And that using an almost identical chassis as the bestselling Christie Boxer and featuring 20,000 hours of long life light, Christie Crimson Series can withstand the rigors of the road and high-usage applications. For customers needing higher frame rates, and up to 120Hz for 3D visualization or simulation applications, the new Christie Mirage HD25 and Mirage WU25 fit the bill.

BoldColor means it uses not just the traditional blue lasers, but also red lasers to enhance red and yellow colours. Something we are starting to see from Laser-Phosphor projector vendors seeking to improve that technology and move laser into applications that are less well served by more expensive RGB laser technology and less colorfull blue-laser-phosphor projectors.

At ISE Curtis Lingard told us the demo projector offered upto 35000 lumens, and the platform under development could be fitted with any DMD from WXGA trough to native 4K. The Crimson's resolution options have not been revealed in the announcement, and non-US visitors will need to use an VPN to even get to see the 3DLP web page listing the Crimson series, to find out.

According to the productsheet it comes in both HD and WUXGA resolutions.

It also confirms that Christie has now completely moved aways from marketing the lower ANSI-Lumens figure, going with ISO lumens instead. Something that may take some getting used to, but I am sure all manufacturers will do.

“Audiences will see an appreciable difference in both color richness and brightness with Christie Crimson,” said Curtis Lingard, senior product manager, Christie. Adding “And with its long-lasting brightne​ss, rock-solid reliability, TruLife Electronics, and BoldColor Technology, the Christie Crimson Series combines the best in laser phosphor technology with the brightness and color that both fixed and live events stagers demand in today’s ever-evolving marketplace”.

Christie says the Crimson is designed with the technician in mind, the Crimson Series is built-tough and is easy to ship, handle and install thanks to its compact form factor, quiet operation and 360-degree orientation. Featuring an IP5X sealed, solid-state laser light source, Crimson projectors provide years of reliable, low-cost, and virtually maintenance-free operation while delivering vibrant, lifelike colors in theme parks, indoor and outdoor arenas and stadiums, entertainment venues, mega events, public spaces, and more.

The Crimson features the ultra-fast processing of Christie TruLife electronics and built-in warp and blend capabilities of Christie Twist. The optional Christie Mystique will reduce multiple projector calibration times from hours to minutes, saving both time and labor costs, Christie claims.

The Christie Crimson ships in February 2018.
Samsung is fitting Arena Sihlcity Cinema in Zürich, Switserland. Owner Edi Stöckli says "We will remove the complete interior and realise a new seating concept and that way offer the audience the ultimate cinema experience".

With the higher brightness and the absence of projection right, and the associated free line of sight requirement the Direct View LED Displays allow for a new roomdesign.

Samsung claims it delivers a 'True Black' completely dark theater room due to lack of reflections. The integrated wall to wall display basically offers a black wall. It also offers cinemascope without grey bars.

The German language announcement speaks of 'Screens', so it might not remain at a single theater room in Zürich's Arena Cinema. Daniel Périsset, Head of Samsung Business, Samsung Electronics Schweiz, also refers to future deployments: "With the new Cinemea LED Screen we managed to advance technology. We look forward to implement the screens in further cinema rooms in the next year".
D-Box Technologies, the Leader in Immersive Motion Seating, Continues its Rapid Global Expansion with the Addition of 16 Screens in Latin America

D-BOX Technologies Inc. (“D-BOX”) (TSX:DBO), the world leader in immersive motion cinema seating technology for the entertainment industry, and Cinemark, the number one exhibitor in Latin America, are proud to announce the addition of 16 new D-BOX screens in Argentina, Brazil and for the first time in Honduras.
Source: D-Box Technologies, the Leader in Immersive Motion Seating, Continues its Rapid Global Expansion with the Addition of 16 Screens in Latin America
In the News / DTS to Deliver Next-Generation DTS:X Audio to Classic Cinemas
« Last post by DCI forum on Tue November 14, 2017, 11:00:03 PM »
DTS to Deliver Next-Generation DTS:X Audio to Classic Cinemas

DTS, a global leader in high-definition audio solutions and wholly owned subsidiary of Xperi Corporation (Nasdaq: XPER) (“Xperi”), is pleased to announce a partnership with Classic Cinemas to install DTS:Xâ immersive audio technology across 16 screens at five Classic Cinemas locations.
Source: DTS to Deliver Next-Generation DTS:X Audio to Classic Cinemas
Chinese TV maker and electronics conglomerate Hisense will purchase 95% stock shares of Toshiba Visual Solutions Corporation ("TVS"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation for 12.9 billion Japanese Yen, or $114 million, with Toshiba retaining an 5% stock holding. Hisense will obtain the TVS businesses including production, research and development, and sales functions as well as license to use the Toshiba brand for a period of 40 years for visual solution partners operating in Europe, South East Asia and other markets.

TVS primarily operates in TV and variety of ancillary products, including commercial and advertisement display products. The TVS purchase also secures two factories in Japan and hundreds of talented Toshiba R&D employees as well as a significant IP portfolio relating to TV technology business patents for image quality and acoustics.

Mr. Liu Hongxin, the CEO of Hisense Group, said that Hisense would optimize TVS's resources on R&D, supply chain or global sales channels, cooperate with and support each other in display technology, provide competitive content operation services for smart TVs for the global market and accomplish fast growth in Japanese market.

With its 142-year rich history, Toshiba has a leading display technology in Japan with the brand ranked highly international global technology brand list's. A division stopped producing TVs early in 2015. The Brand recently returned to the European market with a couple of OLED TVs. However these are manufacturerd and sold by Turkish vendor Vestel.

Reportedly Toshiba still made 700000 TVs in or for its Japanese home market. The division had a negative book value, so Toshiba would be making a roughly $225 million gain in the sale.

According to the IHS, sales of Toshiba TV ranked No.3 in Japanese market in 2016 with the Hisense TV market share in Japan the highest among all non-Japanese brands. Collectively both brands' cumulative market share reaches over 20% after the transaction. Hisense's TV business in 2016 ranked third in the world (IHS) and has held NO.1 market share in China for 13 consecutive years.

The Official Television Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018, Hisense is poised to continue to expand and implement its global brand vision and strategy. With the benefit of this acquisition, Hisense says it will develop and enlarge its international strategy of TV business in R&D, branding and marketing by operating under multiple brands. The cooperation between Hisense and Toshiba will drive changes to the new picture of TV business.

Toshiba is shedding non-core assets, like the TV and display business and the White Goods business before that. To counter billions in losses and liabilities at US nuclear plant builder Westinghouse. Though small change compared to the tumultious sale of its NAND memory chip division, under pressure from lenders  it has decided to accept the $18 billion offer from a consortium led by Bain Capital with support from Dell, Seagate, Kingston South Korean chipmaker SK Hynix.

Western Digital has opposed all deals not involving it, Western Digital being the joint venture partner in the chip business. It teamed up with Foxconn. Leading to a nine month sales process.
In the News / AVIXA (INFOCOMM) announces conference and education sessions for ISE 2018
« Last post by DCI forum on Tue November 14, 2017, 04:53:09 AM »
AVIXA, the new name for commercial AV installation trade body INFOCOMM, and co-owner of the ISE trade show in Amsterdam, has put its Professional Development Programme online for the upcoming show in February.

The entire breadth of the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association =Other___FlashTrack&utm_source=AVIXANewsletter&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=ISE2018#ticketshop-home]education is easily accessible to delegates at the show through an All Access Pass (AVIXA Members Early Bird: €250, Non-members Early Bird €325). This pass will allow holders to attend as many sessions as they can fit into their busy show schedule. A joint AVIXA and CEDIA Super Pass is also available for €350 for members and €425 for non-members (Early Bird pricing), which will give attendees access to education content from both associations. Early Bird pricing ends 8 January 8th.

Highlighting the changing expectations of the industry, AVIXA has created four distinct tracks within its education programme; User Experience, AV/IT, Design, and Emerging Trends. These sessions will take place in the Elicium, Tuesday, 6 Feb., to Friday, 9 Feb.

These key tracks will run alongside two conferences and a range of (free) FlashTrack sessions on stand 13-N110, to provide a rich vein of education with something for everyone.

AVIXA is teaming up with three professional bodies to produce two insightful conferences. The end user conference with Owen Ellis (Morgan Stanley) from AV User Group will discuss real projects and delve into creating value by focusing on customer experiences.

AVIXA’s higher education conference with SCHOMS and EUNIS will look at innovative design in learning and collaboration spaces. These conferences will evaluate real life examples and discuss key teachings from these, as well as delve deeper into industry trends at the forefront of AV design at the moment.

The AVIXA FlashTracks are free 20-minute education sessions that will be held across the four days of ISE 2018 on stand 13-N110 in the RAI, between halls 10 and 13. FlashTrack education is designed for AV professionals of all experience levels and will focus on hot topics in the industry such as interactive digital experiences, understanding 4K, user experience and much more.

One can register for free access to the ISE Exhibits with free VIP Code 707473.
In the News / CEDIA announces classes schedule for ISE 2018 in Amsterdam this February
« Last post by DCI forum on Mon November 13, 2017, 08:37:47 PM »
The full schedule is now online and ready to book. Workshops, technical and business training or emerging trends and certification examinations, custom installation industry body, and ISE co-owner, CEDIA offer the opportunity to grow industry professionals' knowledge, boosting their skills.

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"If you’re a system designer, engineer, project manager, or business owner in residential technology, we have what you need" says CEDIA in the announcement.

The website allows for the booking of individual classes or a CEDIA All Access Training Pass. That offers unlimited entry to CEDIA education sessions during the show, available at an exclusive Early Bird rate (valid only until 8th January 2018) of €250+VAT. Access to Full-day training sessions and certification exams however is not included, requiring seperate registration and payment.
In the News / CJ 4DPLEX to Debut New 4DX VR Product at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2017
« Last post by DCI forum on Mon November 13, 2017, 05:00:03 PM »
CJ 4DPLEX to Debut New 4DX VR Product at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2017

Innovative entertainment technology leader CJ 4DPLEX today announced that it will showcase for the first time to the public the new 4DX VR Disk unit at IAAPA Attractions Expo (IAE) 2017. CJ 4DPLEX will also be showcasing the best-selling 4DX VR Ride, 4DX VR Sway and Twist, and an upgraded version of its 4DX VR Racing unit. All visitors to CJ 4DPLEX’ booth (#2247) at IAE 2017 will experience a collection of adventure VR content including a roller coaster, a monster game, car racing, spacecraft rides, and rickshaw rides in each of the 4 types of 4DX VR offerings.
Source: CJ 4DPLEX to Debut New 4DX VR Product at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2017
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