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China's first 4K opera movie starts filming in Guangzhou

China's first 4K Cantonese Opera movie 'Madam White Snake - The Affection' started filming in Guangzhou, capital of south China's Guangdong Province, on Dec. 26, 2017. This is also the first 4K traditional Chinese opera movie in China.

On Dec. 26, the launching ceremony of 'Madam White Snake - The Affection' and 4K film industry chain was held by Zhujiang Film Group. Shen Haixiong, a standing committee member of the CPC Guangdong provincial committee and head of Guangdong's publicity department, Yuan Baocheng, vice governor of Guangdong, inaugurated the shooting at the ceremony.

Also, Zhujiang Film Group issued its development plan for 4K film industry chain. The statistics show that Guangdong owns the largest market for Chinese film consumption, accounting for one in seven of the country's box office takings each year. In recent years, Chinese consumers spend more on 4K films, while most 4K film sources are still imported.

"Guangdong should introduce and create more excellent programs, to make the province into a filmmaking and trade center for 4K film in China," said Shen at the Guangdong's 4K TV pilot program launching ceremony on Dec. 23, "We should discover and use our strengths to confirm the cultural confidence."

Based on the background of West Lake in Hangzhou, 'Madame White Snake' is a household love legend in China. The new adaption 'Madam White Snake - The Affection' is a key opera created and promoted by Guangdong Cantonese Opera Institute in recent years. Zeng Xiaomin, China's prominent young Cantonese Opera performing artist, acts the leading role in the opera with superb performances, because of which she won the Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Award, China's top award for drama.

According to Cai Fuqing, the chairman of Zhujiang Film Group, it is an initiative move to develop excellent traditional Chinese culture with advanced technology to establish 4K film industry chain and produce 4K Cantonese Opera movie. It helps Guangdong to take the lead in building a complete 4K film industry chain in the country.

On Dec. 23, Guangdong launched the 4K TV pilot program, the Guangdong 4K Television Program Production Center and Guangdong 4K Movie Program Production Center were established on the same occasion.

It is said that Zhujiang Film Group will partner with China Aerospace Construction Group, China Research Institute of Film Science & Technology and will introduce world-leading technology for 4K filmmaking in future.

Looking back at the history of China's film, we can see the convergence of traditional Chinese opera and movie:

In 1905, China's first home-made Peking Opera movie 'Dingjun Mountain' was released in Beijing, starring Tan Xinpei;

In 1948, China's first color Peking Opera movie 'Remorse at Death' was born in Shanghai, starring Mei Lanfang;

In late 1953, China's first color Shaoxing Opera movie 'The Butterfly Lovers' completed filming in Shanghai, starring Yuan Xuefen and Fan Ruijuan;

In late 2017, China's first 4K traditional Chinese opera movie 'Madam White Snake - The Affection' started filming in Guangzhou, starring Zeng Xiaomin. 
Release of new IMAX film Tiny Giants 3D - The holidays at the Montréal Science Centre: A stroke of genius!

The Montréal Science Centre has a brilliant idea for families during the holidays. From December 22 to January 8, only $20 per adult and $13.50 per child buys the full IMAX experience with the film Tiny Giants 3D as well as admission to the permanent exhibitions and the new exhibition Indigenous Ingenuity, where visitors explore how Indigenous knowledge continues to shape our world today.

Tiny giants. Big adventure.
Created and distributed by BBC Earth, the film Tiny Giants 3D is the immersive tale of the massive adventures of a small chipmunk and a young mouse in the hostile environments of North America's wild woodlands and the arid Arizona desert.

Let your children see things through the eyes of these minuscule creatures and discover just how dogged they must be to tackle challenges of giant proportions. Follow them as they confront gigantic predators and learn how their ingenuity not only keeps them alive but also helps them master their environment. Crystal-clear images reveal with breathtaking intensity the courage and skill of these small animals in their epic mission to survive.

For more on Tiny Giants 3D, see

A day of family fun and learning during the holidays:

$20 per adult and $13.50 per child for a full day of activities
Admission to the IMAX film Tiny Giants 3D, a tale of two little rodents and the challenges they face in nature
Admission to the new exhibition Indigenous Ingenuity, where visitors experience the innovations and wealth of scientific knowledge of Indigenous peoples, from igloo building to harpoon fishing
Admission to renowned permanent exhibitions including
Fabrik - Creativity Factory
Science 26
Clic! The Zone for Curious Young Minds
The Windmills of the Imagination
To learn more about the exhibitions on offer at the Montréal Science Centre, go to

About the Montréal Science Centre
With over 700,000 visitors annually, the Montréal Science Centre is a complex dedicated to science and technology. It is known for its very accessible, interactive approach and its focus on innovation and local talent.
My point was the display stretched the dynamic range of the content even with SDR, some just straightforward, others through complicated remapping or other processing, so if the standard curve does not work for our display, we might consider remapping HDR to the display.
I talking about clipping point from the source not how many nit a display or Projector can do.

As far as I know all non HDR Content for Cinemas a mastered at 100 nits or below.

I know there are since years TVs out that can display more than 100 nits but this is not my point my point is that all non HDR Content so far are mastered for 100 nit.
So all what we seeing from TV or 2K BD is100 nit as the Studios not made for TV or BD a separat Master for home they use the Master that was made for Cinema.
Normally BD 2K 2D and 3D with SDR are have "Souce wise"  clipping point at 100 nit.
Practically SDR TVs have been offering in the 300 nits range for years. The electronics stretched the properly graded content to match this situation. Of course the reds and most of all the blues are less strong than they wouod be when usiing an HDR grade. So, clipping in TVs has been well above 100 nits for years.

The SuperKontrast used cusom gamma curves. The Sony 760/JVC(Z1 and lamp units) owners/calibrators are now implementing custom curves programmed into the projectors using a new piece of software, plus the Projectors'software that allowloading of alternative curves. Before that there was the AV TOP software from germany that allowed for dynamic HDR using the HD Fury Integral and later controllable convertors. That same software also provides an interface for Calman to offer autocalibration by controlling the projector through the software.

So, is using other curves the next step to retain black performance with higher peak white?
There is lately much discussion at what nit level a projection system should clip with HDR UHD Discs.

In general there is not an easy answer for this as many factors have an influence on this.
-Lumen projector can do.
-Cr. this pr. have
-What screen is used
-What disc is playing see down..
Any many more….

Our SDR system we are all know clip at 100 nits.
Our HDR are clip depends on how the disc was mastered.
Some clip at 1000 nits some at 2000 and some at 4000 nits and Dolby Vision clips at 10.000 nits!

We have some high end displays that can do 1000 nits or near 2000 nits but there is that not any projector
that really have the light ouput to project very high HDR nit numbers first as the Pr. is not bright enough second if you for sample stack 2 projectors to double the light output you running into other problems like aliment and other things.

But let’s say that you can match two 4K pr. relatively good then there is another problem.
When you let clip at a very high number let’s say 2000 nits the picture becomes very dim.
To enhance lumen you stack 2 projectors but then your picture becomes brighter what is generally a good thing but then you easy can ruin the cr. and black looks not black anymore.

I run my Barco at about 6200 Lumen output for my 7 meter scope screen.
This give me about 21 ftl and this looks very bright at this huge screen.
I do not like it brighter.
I setup my system to let it clip at between 400 and 600 nits depends on the movie.
So my Barco have about 12.000 lumen at about 6300:1 cr. see my last posts.
So I easy can double the light output and when you increase clipping point to let’s say 1000 nits it looks not so good as then the black is not anymore black.

In the past with a Sony 5000 that had about good double the on off cr. the Barco have it is may possible to clip a bit higher but all my practice I have with HDR tells
me to let clip it at 500 nit not more otherwise you can easy ruin your black level possible ansi cr. as well.
To me 5 times more dynamic range is a visible step up but as all this is a compromise and depends on the taste the user like it.
So if you can give up good blacks yes than you can gain more dynamic range so it is really depends on the movie itself a bit if it was a very dark movie may you let it clip at
500 nits if it was a very bright movie with less dark sequences inside may you let it clip at 1000 nits.
Funny was that Barco comes to exactly the same numbers without talking with me about it!

This discussion will be possible over soon as some new technology from different manufactures will be coming in the next years that will solve this kind of problem and give us HDR
how we like it very bright and in combination with a good black level.
comScore today announced the official worldwide weekend box office estimates for the weekend of December 24, 2017, as compiled by the company's theatrical measurement services.

As the trusted industry partner for real-time box office reporting, comScore is the only theater-level movie measurement and analytics company providing insights across the world's largest markets, covering 95 percent of the global industry gross. Using comScore's suite of movie products, customers are able to analyze admissions and gross results from around the world.

comScore's Senior Media Analyst Paul Dergarabedian commented, "Disney's 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' leads the global box office for the second straight week taking in $143.6 million in 55 territories including North America where it added another $68.5 million.  This brings its North American total to $365.1 million and combined with the international revenues of $380.3 million, the worldwide cume is propelled to a massive $745.4 million."   

The top 12 worldwide weekend box office estimates, listed in descending order, per data collected as of Sunday, December 24, are below.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Disney - $143.6M
Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle - Sony - $83.5M
Youth - Multiple - $34.5M
Legend Of The Demon Cat - Multiple - $33.5M
Pitch Perfect 3 - Universal - $30.2M
Ferdinand - 20th Century Fox - $28.6M
Bleeding Steel - Multiple - $27.3M
Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds - Lotte Entertainment - $21.0M
Liquidator, The - Shanghai Film Group - $19.5M
Coco - Disney - $18.5M
Greatest Showman, The - 20th Century Fox - $12.7M
Wonder - Lionsgate - $9.3M
The top 12 domestic weekend box office estimates, listed in descending order, per data collected as of Sunday, December 24, are below.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Disney - $68.5M
Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle - Sony - $34.0M
Pitch Perfect 3 - Universal - $20.4M
Greatest Showman, The - 20th Century Fox - $8.6M
Ferdinand - 20th Century Fox - $7.0M
Coco - Disney - $5.2M
Downsizing - Paramount - $4.6M
Darkest Hour - Focus Features - $4.1M
Father Figures - Warner Bros. - $3.2M
Shape Of Water, The - Fox Searchlight - $3.0M
Wonder - Lionsgate - $2.0M
Star, The - Sony - $1.4M

Full details regarding the global domestic and international box office results are listed in the table below.

#   Title   Worldwide Wknd   Intl Wknd   Dom Wknd   Worldwide Cume   Intl Cume   Dom Cume   Intl   Terrs   Dom
1   Star Wars: The Last Jedi   $143,586,000   $75,100,000   $68,486,000   $745,388,356   $380,300,000   $365,088,356   DIS   55   DIS
2   Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle   $83,500,000   $49,500,000   $34,000,000   $100,105,967   $49,500,000   $50,605,967   SNY   54   SNY
3   Youth   $34,530,000   $34,530,000   -   $116,168,780   $115,455,000   $713,780   MUL   4   CHALION
4   Legend Of The Demon Cat   $33,530,000   $33,530,000   -   $33,545,000   $33,545,000   -   MUL   2   -
5   Pitch Perfect 3   $30,250,000   $9,800,000   $20,450,000   $30,250,000   $9,800,000   $20,450,000   UNI   15   UNI
6   Ferdinand   $28,550,000   $21,500,000   $7,050,000   $57,132,884   $30,600,000   $26,532,884   FOX   63   FOX
7   Bleeding Steel   $27,275,000   $27,275,000   -   $27,615,000   $27,615,000   -   MUL   5   -
8   Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds   $21,000,000   $21,000,000   -   $21,075,000   $21,075,000   -   LOTTE   1   -
9   Liquidator, The   $19,475,000   $19,475,000   -   $20,230,000   $20,230,000   -   SHFG   1   -
10   Coco   $18,508,000   $13,300,000   $5,208,000   $486,327,128   $325,000,000   $161,327,128   DIS   37   DIS
11   Greatest Showman, The   $12,700,000   $4,100,000   $8,600,000   $17,298,731   $4,100,000   $13,198,731   FOX   4   FOX
12   Wonder   $9,300,000   $7,300,000   $2,000,000   $173,357,750   $58,400,000   $114,957,750   LGF   67   LGF
13   Murder On The Orient Express   $6,900,000   $6,400,000   $500,000   $311,521,983   $212,300,000   $99,221,983   FOX   37   FOX
14   Paddington 2   $6,500,000   $6,500,000   -   $102,775,000   $102,775,000   -   MUL   15   WB
15   Steel Rain   $6,035,000   $6,035,000   -   $18,230,000   $18,230,000   -   NEXENT   1   -
16   Downsizing   $4,600,000   -   $4,600,000   $4,600,000   -   $4,600,000   -   1   PAR
17   Darkest Hour   $4,205,000   $100,000   $4,105,000   $12,358,077   5,400,000   $6,958,077   UNI   2   FOC
18   Daddy's Home 2   $4,000,000   $3,100,000   $900,000   $167,475,556   $68,300,000   $99,175,556   PAR   56   PAR
19   Tiger Zinda Hai   $3,635,000   $3,635,000   -   $3,635,000   $3,635,000   -   MUL   11   YSHRAJ
20   Father Figures   $3,200,000   -   $3,200,000   $3,200,000   -   $3,200,000   -   1   WB
21   Papita 2nd Base   $3,125,000   $3,125,000   -   $15,765,000   $15,765,000   -   CNUN   1   -
22   Shape Of Water, The   $3,050,000   -   $3,050,000   $7,615,665   -   $7,615,665   -   1   FSL
23   Justice League   $2,755,000   $1,700,000   $1,055,000   $646,678,455   $424,000,000   $222,678,455   WB   66   WB
24   Christmas Trees 6   $2,610,000   $2,610,000   -   $2,610,000   $2,610,000   -   BZLVS   1   -
25   Dieses bescheuerte Herz   $2,165,000   $2,165,000   -   $2,185,000   $2,185,000   -   Constantin   2   -
No Spec. wise looks all ok but as i say this specs not say if it really works without bugs.
Is this the 8 Bit limit in the switcher?
As I have report my Crestron System is now ready but one thing was not comfortable.

The Barco Thor had as most other Projectors just 2 HDMI 2.0 Inputs.
Input A was used from the Marantz Receiver where different inputs are connected like STB and Videocam and more.
Input B was used from the Oppo UHD Player to playback all disc formats.

So I need to disconnect always this 2 HDMI cables when I like to see my 4K 3D still pictures from my 4K 3D computer.
Then 2 HDMI computer outputs left and right connect to the Barco.
After I have to disconnect it and put the HDMI cable from Marantz and Oppo Player back.
Not a nice way!

This is why I order a HDMI Matirx Switcher.
This comes 2 days ago and I try it.
Result you can see here in the pictures.
When the Matrix is in-between picture show a lot of banding not only the UHD 4K 60P HDR version also the
UHD 4K 24P HDR version show this banding!
"Please note that you need at least for the Sony Logo the full resolution picture to see the banding so click on it."
The Sony VW760 show the same banding but there you need to switch the "Smooth Graduation" to off as this filters the Banding that the Sony sometimes show out.
The Barco Thor do not have such a filter as it show not any Banding at all.

Sad as I had hope that it will be working but one more time a good sample that the 18GB do not say if the unit can do a bug free picture.

I hope that they can fix this as it is not so nice to always disconnect and connect  this 2 HDMI cables to just see some
4K3D Stills from my computer.
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