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Title: I claim credit for finally making the sim2 duo looking fantastic
Post by: Peter CINERAMAX on Sat November 04, 2017, 10:21:48 AM
This week my friend and Client La Salle asked me to take a look at the SIM2 duo, I really wanted him to get on the Samsung LED wall bandwagon.

When I first got there the image was packing a punch. As i sat in the front row something unexpected started happening, i got nerve pain in my eyes, i always get this with single chip dlp, most active 3d, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 dci on the Barco Thor Super Kontrast demo with color separation at CINEMACON, but definitely not with the same projector on the RealD 3D demo, THE BEST ELECTRONICALLY PROJECTED EXPERIENCE in my 40 year following the latest in projection, BETTER THAN dOLBY cINEMA.

As I went outside for phone calls etc. Alan was taming the best in different ways. Still there was pain after a few minutes although less and less.

FINALLY ON MY LAST RE-ENTRY TO THE DEMO : Brad says: You must have really good eyes because the filters had been left out. I did not know what he meant but sat down, Now the image was not as eye torching bright, but the colors were definitely xenon looking, because when i asked to see the Barco Prometheus it won hands down. This time after engaging additional sharpness on the lumagen the waxiness i had been seeing on edges simply disappeared, the color became indistinguishable from xenon, and my eyes were fine.

I DO NOT SPECIFY PROJECTION IN ANY OF MY NEW SYSTEMS, BUT AS FAR AS A PROJECTION GOES, THE IMAGE I SAW LAST was superb, in hdr, great colors, sharp little lens artifacting highly recommended for those misguided to projection instead of LED Walls.:D ;D :D