Author Topic: SIM2 Duo HDR projection stack expands dynamic range for a true HDR experience.  (Read 1730 times)

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The SIM2 Duo HDR dual projector system is now ready for true HDR content and in production and available for sale. I am not aware of any other single consumer projector claiming HDR ready that can produce the dynamic range needed to display a more accurate HDR image. Another first, SIM2 has set the standard "again" delivering the highest dynamic range "HDR" projection system available for the consumer market. P3 color meets  DCI-standards while producing deep black levels and very high contrast with up to 9,000 lumens. Bring your sunglasses folks:)
Auto calibration is available as an option which keep's the color's in spec throughout the life of the projector's lamp's. "Beware" while other HDR projectors can match the same deep black level none can do so at the same blinding brightness/dynamic range and high ANSI as the SIM2 HDR Dou system. Dont forget the HDR Duo also expands the dynamic range of standard Blu-Ray, DVD and all source fed to the projection system.   

Here is short product video from Scott Wilkinson at the 2015 Cedia demonstration.

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