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KT SkyLife expanding presence in UHD broadcasting
« on: Tue July 26, 2016, 10:36:31 AM »
Following Korea Telekom's deal with Warner Bros. for 4K HDR movies to support ist 4K service on broadband service Olleh, the operator has noiw struck deals to expand its 4K channel on satellite service Skylife. Awaiting the launch of terrestrial 4K broadcasting via the ATSC 3.0 standard, on February 27 2017.

A screen caption of BBC's television series "Shark."

By Lee Min-hyung

KT SkyLife, a satellite broadcasting unit of KT, is expanding its presence in the nation's ultra-high-definition (UHD) broadcasting market, by forging ties with influential content providers.

The company now offers five UHD broadcasting channels, since it started the service in June last year. The company hopes to differentiate itself from local broadcasting rivals by signing more partnerships with globally renowned content providers and overseas broadcasting counterparts.

They include BBC, NHK and LUXTV of France. Since late June, KT SkyLife started to broadcast UHD documentary content from Discovery, winning favorable responses from its viewers.

The company said it focuses on strengthening its technological expertise for more quality broadcasting by increasing investment on its UHD content image editing center, skyUHD.

One noteworthy achievement of the center was to demonstrate high dynamic range (HDR) technology. HDR is regarded as a key element for UHD, as the technology can express a more vivid, wider range of colors.

The company developed what it calls "Live HDR" technology, offering a more lively watching experience for content such as sports. SkyLife said it will expand the coverage of the technology into more content.

"SkyLife has been the frontrunner in introducing new broadcasting services, including high-definition (HD), and three-dimensional (3D) broadcasting," Lee Han, the head of the technology management division of KT SkyLife, said. "We will make the utmost efforts to strengthen capabilities to lead the emerging UHD broadcasting market and contribute to the benefit of our viewers."

Toward the end, the company said it will focus on building infrastructure for UHD broadcasting. SkyLife said it will continue to develop more technologies to deliver optimized UHD broadcasting services and expand bandwidth in its bid to expand its market share and offer stable management of its high quality broadcasting services.
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