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To Barco 'silence' is 'the ability to host the projector in the same room as the audience'. According to the spec sheet the projector produces 35 dB(A) of noise. Fairly quiet for a 7000 lumens projector.

“For the F80, we really focused on users that require quality together with long term reliability,” says VP Events Carl Rijsbrack. Adding; “Typically, this could be in closer settings such as museum displays or corporate meetings. So the question of noise levels is important. These users can now have the image quality they require based on the latest projection technologies inside a compact unit”.

Koen Van Belle, Product Manager, Entertainment adds: "For the F80, our teams in Belgium, China and Norway combined all of our R&D expertise to develop a bright projector with superb colors using a brand new chip and then further optimized the noise level to make it silent. This is the first Barco projector that uses this new Texas Instruments® technology and the first in the world to push it to these light output levels”.

The F-80 does not use the 0.9" 2560x1600 DMD used in the F90 and F70. But it doesn't use the 0.67" 4.3 million pixel DMD designed for 4K XPR projectors either. That DMD is designed for projectors upto 5000 lumens, with an heat-envelope upto that point. and the F-80 offers upto 7000 lumens. So, it uses an 0.64" 2,560 x 1,600 (WQXGA) native DMD.

The smaller DMD results in a lower on-off contrast level of 1350:1 compared to the F-90's specified 1850:1.

The F-80 does use the same processing line with Barco Pulse’s unique Single Step Processing technology that delivers 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution in only one step. According to Barco this offers a competitive advantage, with lower delay and a sharper image.

Besides museums the projector is also marketed to dark rides and interactive themepark experiences, because of its 3D capability.

The Barco F80 will be available from the fourth quarter of 2017, the fourth quarter has started so it could be shipping now. An slightly earlier announcement on the Barco website shipping started that day September 4.
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