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Alcons Audio receives loud praise for CEDIA showing
« on: Thu October 05, 2017, 08:17:04 AM »
Attending Custom Installation Industry trade show CEDIA for the third year, the Alcons Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience again showed what the vendor thinks is possible in home cinema sound.

This year’s CEDIA show took place at the San Diego Convention Center from 7th - 9th September. Alcons worked closely with Barco Residential, Trinnov and Screen Acoustics to showcase a Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience that featured further refinements to previous years.

Following well received demonstrations at the previous two CEDIA shows in both 2015 and 2016, this year’s Alcons demonstrations were described by Mark Henninger of AVS Forum as "one of the very best demos I attended at CEDIA 2017".

The show also saw the new Alcons CRMSC-SRHV surround speaker making its public debut. Delivering exceptional clarity and power from a compact, visually unobtrusive unit, the CRMSC-SRHV can be used in both horizontal and vertical arrangement, thanks to its rotatable waveguide with patent-pending 90 x 60 degree dispersion.

The complete system consisted of 3x CRMS mkII as LCR front system, with 2x CRMS mkI for Left and Right wide channels; 4x CRS8 were used for side surrounds and 2x CRMSC as rear surrounds. For LFE 2x CB211 (21") were used on front and 2x CB181 (18") as side subs. The height layer consisted of the new 6x CRMSC-SRHV wide-dispersion surrounds, in front / side/ rear configuration. All systems powered and controlled by Sentinel10’s, with a total of 26 channels, of which 20 were driven digitally (AES3) and 6 analog; This was taken care of by a Trinnov Altitude32 in special hack-mode.

Projection was served by a Barco Loki projector, on a specially-masked Screen Acoustics (DreamScreen) hybrid (knitted / woven) screen, excelling in audio response with extremely limited impact on frequency response.

"We have attracted better comments from visitors each time that we have attended the CEDIA show," says Alcons Audio co-founder Tom Back. "The Alcons Pro-Ribbon Immersive Experience was a major highlight of the 2016 show and this year we refined the system to deliver even better results. A larger (meeting!) room meant a better immersive path length lay-out, but also required more acoustical treatment; We continue striving for the ultimate experience".

"Although, unfortunately, the arrival of Hurricane Irma meant that a number of prominent industry media had to cut short their visit, we and our partners again received an overwhelming number of ‘best of show’ comments from visitors".

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Re: Alcons Audio receives loud praise for CEDIA showing
« Reply #1 on: Thu October 12, 2017, 04:46:46 AM »
They do need to stop showing in large ballrooms and build a small booth to really understand where the market really is.

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Re: Alcons Audio receives loud praise for CEDIA showing
« Reply #2 on: Thu October 12, 2017, 06:55:04 AM »
The 2017 ISE room was bigger than the 2016 one that had two two seaters in, but still not LARGE.

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They need to copy wisdom concept but designed by me.
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Re: Alcons Audio receives loud praise for CEDIA showing
« Reply #4 on: Thu October 12, 2017, 05:43:31 PM »
The most critical component causing trouble right now is certainly the surroundings... At ISE the mid -and top frequencies were too dampened while the bass basically "vanished" through the pretty thin absorbants making out the "showroom cage", while at CEDIA - and especially this year - rattling was just crazy ...

Only way to really overtake control of these kinds of issues is to create the environment yourself. In addition to the UltraWeave screens, our (DreamScreen / ScreenAcoustics) main market in Norway at the moment is sound proofing studios and home cinemas; - using our "ProSilence" line of rubber decouplers and steel studs. It´s nothing very fancy, but the system works quite well and is pretty easy to install. Using these components alongside our new flexible steel stud system; "FlexiBaffle" (we´re building our first baffle wall in our showroom these days and will finish a video guide shortly...) we could basically build a properly baffle wall equipped "room-in-room" at the site, avoiding any kind of rattle, and being able to completely analyse and pre-plan acoustics.

Still, doing such a construction on-site is certainly quite the challenge nonetheless, and also very very manpower intensive........ Still, if we place emphasis on function, and not that much on design, basically doing a "bat cave" setup it might be possible. We´ll just have to see, it´s a feat for sure...