Author Topic: Trinnov Altitude 16 to ship late October, adds HDMI 2.0, Roon and 8 Channel proc  (Read 79 times)

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High channel count audio processor vendor Trinnov has announced that the first of its long anticipated HDMI 2.0 Update Kits are now available to dealers and distributors in limited quantities. They will be available to end-users in November.

All Altitude32s now being manufactured include HDMI 2.0. All units of the new 16 channel Altitude16s will be manufactured with HDMI 2.0. The first production run of Altitude16 is sold out and will ship in the second half of October. Additional Altiitude16s will be available in November and going forward.

The new Ampltidue8m will be available in October.

The Roon Ready software release is now available for existing Amethysts and Altitude32s. Roon softwrae builds a library of your music sources and allows playback from devices.
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