Author Topic: ISE 2017: Optoma launches UHD60, least expensive XPR Technology 4K DLP projector  (Read 537 times)

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Optoma Coretronic's B2C and B2B facing brand. Confirmed it removed the HLD LED 4K DLP projector from its roadmap. Saying it has redirected its efforts elsewhere, unwilling or unable to explain why. Except "we couldn't get where we needed to be with that projector".

The two projectors at show were the smaller and cheaper UHD60. the UHD60 has a list price of €2500,- including VAT. It should be available in June/July. It did not look great at the Optoma stand. Turns out the 3000 lumens rated 60 is the version with a white segment in its colorwheel. the UHD65 should have the RGBRGB colorwheel optimized for hometheater offering around 2200 specced lumens. This has yet to see an official MSRP, but at the Optoma booth the premium was expected to be ony 200-300 euro, over the 60's 2500 euro. However pre-introduction price reports from European lead market Germany seem to suggest the differential is more normal, the HT version expected to MSRP for €3000.-.

Optoma also showed the 4K500 5000 lumens laser phosphor 4K installation projector. This XPR projector, with a blue laser phosphor light source should be available this June, at an MSRP of €14500.- including VAT.

Optoma told us it has no Red laser projectors on its roadmap.