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ISE 2017: Eiki leads with Red and Blue laser-phosphor
« on: Mon February 20, 2017, 07:06:20 AM »
Asked what is is doing following the acquisition of Sanyo by Panasonic a few years ago, and the subsequent closure of Sanyo OEM projector activities. Sanyo traditionally being Eiki's primary source for the larger LCD projectors the Japanese installation LCD projector specialist sells.

"We now have DLP as well. Actually we now have something really special. A projector with Red and Blue lasers". It turns out that Eiki is a lead customer for the new Coretronic MCLA light engine.

The 8000 lumens Eiki EK810U WUXGA, and EK811U WXGA are 'shipping now' and have been since last month. I was quoted a list price of €11,995 plus VAT plus lens: with lenses being between €1500 and €2500 plus VAT.

"When one puts up two 8000 white lumens single chip DLP projectors, side-by-side, there is an 40% difference in lumens between blue laser only and the projector with red laser, when one puts up a pure red field. this also works through in yellows and magenta", according to the Dutch Eiki representative.

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