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SIM2 HDR DUO system details.
« on: Sun January 08, 2017, 01:33:01 AM »
What is HDR?

HDR stands for - High Dynamic Range, ie, extended dynamic range. Dynamic range is characterized by the ratio of the maximum to minimum brightness (dynamic range = maximum luminous intensity / minimum light intensity). The dynamic range of this magnitude may be characterized as «f-stops».

10 f-stops = 210: 1 = 1024: 1 - <10 f-stops = standard dynamic range (SDR)

14 f-stops = 214: 1 = 16,384: 1 -> 10 f-stops = Superior Dynamic Range (EDR)

16 f-stops = 216: 1 = 65,536: 1 -> 16 f-stops = High Dynamic Range (HDR).

The decision to use two projectors was needed to provide not only high brightness but also to achieve very high contrast. A lot of work to increase the contrast of each of the two projectors was carried out, namely:

SIM2 used the highest quality, carefully selected 3 chip DMD DarkChip 4

Attenuators were used to control light scattered throughout the optical path

Static iris

Special optical coatings on the surface of the prism, separating colors

Partitions in the lens

Highly pure glass

The finely tuned dynamic prism (an advanced form of Dynamic Black)

Deepest blackout coating of the rims of optical lenses and other components of the optical unit

2, Both projectors start out as the same model, but each one is optimized for different performance.

Each has different optics:

Different maximum brightness of each of the projectors (but identical lamps)

Different contrast

Different lenses (but the same focal length)

Each has a different versions of software

There are other miscellaneous settings that differentiate the two.

Changes in both projectors are intended to offset the negative impact of high brightness at the black level, ie to enhance the dynamic contrast. The system delivers truly amazing results - Contrast 14,5 f-stops (23,170: 1) at an illumination of 325 cd / m2 screen 3.5 m wide - despite the fact that the requirements for DCI (standard commercial professional film) just enough illumination 48 cd / m2.

The SIM2 HDR DUO is not just for HDR it allows the increase of the dynamic range of non HDR movies on standard Blu-Ray discs.

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