New inexpensive Teranex is KICKING BUTT....

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New inexpensive Teranex is KICKING BUTT....
New inexpensive Teranex is KICKING BUTT....
« on: Mon May 05, 2014, 02:53:18 PM »
In this forum everyone has a 3d projector, some have polarized systems but to the others the new ultralightweight volfoni ACTIVE EYES with a little lapel dongle receiver and inexpensive rf  transmitter is a very easy add for a white screen and it kills the Reald's in brightness.

As we move head on into 3d 4k we need to start thinking of shorter throw wide angle cinema designs. Our installation in moscow had 7.5 feet to a 16 foot wide screen. In order to have the perceptual stage extending deep into the screen we put a kaleidescape on 3d at all times. It worked great. So big screen short seating distance TRY TERANEX for your blu-rays.

I am beginning to convince folks of it's merits for blu ray playback. What are the rest of you waiting for?:D

Here is one guy in Mr. Pixels neck of the woods:

"BlackMagic Teranex 3D Processor!!!!!:cool:

I want to give a thumbs up to the BlackMagic Teranex 3D Processor. I do not believe there is another processor available that can come close to this product. It was money well spent even though I was skeptical myself of the cost.

This piece of electronic equipment must be seen to be believed. The conversion process of the Teranex gives a 3D picture to my eyes that is just short of the look of Native 3D and I feel it's as good or better than any post 3D conversion film that I have seen. I'm an avid fan of 3D and have seen most films that are available in 3D, so I've been able to compare the quality, both from Theater showings and my own Blu-ray collection. This is special to me since I now can watch any of my 2D movies in 3D whenever the mood strikes.

So if others out here really enjoy 3D, I would say start doing the research on it and equipment compatibility. I had assistance from Cineramax who answered my questions.

Good luck!
The system is up and running and I'm in heaven. Ha! The picture that the Sim2 SuperLumis, along with the ISCO/Cineslide, puts out is incredible and as good as any Theater I have been in. The Teranex is fantastic. After the software update, connections have been perfect. I can't believe more people are not aware of this unit and what it does. Nothing else can touch it. Even some old Black & White Scifi movies I have watched are really impressive. "

From Down Under:

"What a great converter !!!!
I can not believe how good this is!!!!
Is it as good as native 3d? Well out of 30 native blu rays i got, the teranex beats all except for maybe 4 or 5 native blu rays !!!
It looks very natural,some of the scenes from return of the kings are mind blowing!!!! troy,brave heart ,thin red line,all looked great!!

Thanks to cineramax for all his help and answering all my questions.

I will report back when i do more testing.
I couldn't believe how good it looks.:cool:
I have tried samsung 3d conversion ,power10,3d bee converter even had the sensio processor .These added some depth but not worth the hassle.
So i had alot of doubts about the teranex.All these doubts went away when i put the first blu ray in .
Some part of return of the king looked so deep like 30 feet deep in the screen.
Its so good i refuse to watch 2d blu ray again !"

Have been telling you for years....

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New inexpensive Teranex is KICKING BUTT....
Re: New inexpensive Teranex is KICKING BUTT....
« Reply #1 on: Mon June 23, 2014, 12:48:41 AM »
And the raves keep coming....

O.K. I've now had some time with the Teranex.  This processor is in a class by itself.  I've thrown everything I've got at it to try and stump it and the Teranex can handle all of it without a problem.  The 2D to 3D conversion of the Mits is my second favourite; however, there are certain scenes that caused it some problems.  I threw those scenes at the Teranex and it handled them all without a hiccup  --  amazing.  IMO the Mits conversion is a big step up from PowerDVD13/14 and the Teranex is a big step up from the Mits.

The concert of The Killers at the Albert Hall looks spectacular in 3D. Movies like;  Minority report, The 5th Element, The Golden Compass all look very good converted.

The real test is to watch some scenes from a 3D movie in 3D and then go back and re-watch those same scenes in 2D converted to 3D by the Teranex.  I did this with 300, Rise of an Empire and Dredd and they looked just as good (if not better) converted! I'm extremely impressed and somewhat relieved.

It definitely is a leap of faith to purchase something that's relatively expensive sight unseen.  I hedged my bets by purchasing from a retailer who offered a thirty day return period.  No chance this thing is going back.

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New inexpensive Teranex is KICKING BUTT....
Re: New inexpensive Teranex is KICKING BUTT....
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I've now thrown some really tough material at the Teranex, material which has tripped up some other 3D converters I've used and the Teranex has handled it all without a hiccup. Peter was right on the money with his praise for this 3D processor. This is a must have for the five or so of us that love 3D. New inexpensive Teranex is KICKING BUTT....

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New inexpensive Teranex is KICKING BUTT....
Re: New inexpensive Teranex is KICKING BUTT....
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From Dejavu just now... I concurr with these statements.

I thought I'd add some comments to my above post having now spent some considerable time with the Teranex 2D to 3D real time processor:

1)  The 3D effect is not as strong as studio 3D, although with some 2D material it can come pretty close.

2)  Unlike all the other converters I have used the Teranex does not make mistakes in converting 2D into 3D  --  at least any I have seen, which IMO is a staggering accomplishment.

3) For me, studio 3D somehow exaggerates the 3D we see in real life  --  there seems to be more space between objects and their places and spaces better defined.  In real life I don't see objects literally stepping out in a scene and drawing attention to themselves.  The Teranex's conversion to 3D looks more like real life to me.  I'm drawn to the studio look of 3D, especially for storytelling; however, I certainly prefer what the Teranex does over 2D.

4) I believe that the studios are now using gamma correction to "brighten up" their 3D movies since so much light is lost through the glasses.  I have both versions of The Need for Speed and the 3D version appears to have been "fixed" for 3D.  When I compared the 3D version to the 2D version, which I converted to 3D with the Teranex, the differences in the darker scenes were striking  --  this comparison was made using the same equipment without adjusting any settings.

5)  I watched Beowulf in 2D converted to 3D the other night.  I had seen this movie at the theatre in 2007 in 3D.  The Teranex's conversion was extremely effective.  It handled all the tough scenes without missing a beat:  1) reflections off water and shields; 2) scenes shot from overhead; 3) snow falling behind, on and in front of objects all at the same time; etc.  What the Teranex couldn't do was project objects out of the screen (negative parallax). I distinctly recall a number of instances in the movie, when I saw it at the theatre, where objects leapt out at the audience (arrows being shot, spears hurled and so on).  These scenes were still very effective as converted from 2D to 3D, just not literally in your face.

6) With the exception of the built-in converter found in the Mits projectors the Teranex is the only 2D to 3D real time converter I can actually relax with and enjoy.  The advantage of this processor over everything else I have seen is the lack of artifacts  --  it is simply not a concern.  If 3D is your thing then this processor opens up an enormous library of 2D material to be converted to 3D.