ISE 2017: Sim2 and Joe Kane collaborate on The Real High Dynamic Range projectio

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SIM2 and Joe Kane Production present HDR SIM2 Dual System at ISE AMSTERDAM
7-10 February 2017
The Real High Dynamic Range projection

SIM2 has been designing and manufacturing HDR products since 2007 and believes HDR (High Dynamic
Range), in its full power and capability, has a dramatic effect on picture quality and perceived image
resolution, as it delivers a dynamic range more closely matched to the human visual system. HDR SIM2
Dual System- the only one made on this purpose and available in the market- uses two custom-made
projectors (with different optics, firmware and set up) designed to produce a combined image that has a
dynamic range of more than 14 f-stops(more stops than commercial cinema) with an unmatched brightness.

But SIM2 knows that even the best can be better and that our system has the potential of meeting goals Mr.
Kane sees for the future of HDR. We’ve decided to ask him to help us be part of being among the first to be
able to show some of the forthcoming innovations.

SIM2 and Joe Kane Production are proud to invite you to present at ISE the result of this intense
cooperation: an unseen picture stunning, vivid, with a tremendous dynamics capability with a
rigorous and scientific evaluation of the R&D process and the user perception.

"We are very proud of the extraordinary performance of our HDR Projection System." stated SIM2 R&D
and HDR Director, Domenico Toffoli, adding: "It's the result of many years of continuous research,
development and improvements, but we found in Joe Kane much more than we expected and thanks to his
competence and know how we are now able to arise to an unprecedented level the performances even better
than our best dream."

" I'm impressed with Sim2's approach to implementing HDR to projection technology and the power of the
SIM2 platform and the wider color capability associated with it. The direction they are taking is higher in
light output is well above the current implementation of HDR in digital cinema. I worked with Sim2 to put in
place my knowledge and my scientific approach. The outcome from this intense activity is beyond my best
expectations" stated Joe Kane of JKP.