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Personal Messaging settings
Personal Messaging settings
« on: Tue April 11, 2017, 10:11:53 AM »
    Hello Bob mayer just reported to me that when he sent a PM it does not show up in his sent folder so I also sent a PM for test purpose and indeed nothing in my sent folder. Can you look into this. Thank you sir!!

There are a number of things that are not turned on by default but can be manipulated by the members if they know where to look in their profile settings and this particular issue is one of them, there is an option specifically controlling this feature in the personal messaging sub-section of the profile menu... with that option unchecked, you have to use the checkbox just below the text entry area when you are responding to, or creating a pm... which may not be visible in your custom theme, not sure... haven't really looked cause nobody on your site pm's me here...


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Personal Messaging settings

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