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New @mention feature...
New @mention feature...
« on: Thu May 04, 2017, 04:03:42 AM »
Just recently installed a new feature module that functions great and search engines react favorably to... its the same @mention feature that many big social media sites use, just type the @ symbol followed by the first few characters of the username of your intended recipient and a popup list of registered users whose username begins with those characters will appear, just click the one you intend to notify about whatever the topic of your post is and the system will tell them they have been mentioned in your post automagically... enjoy!!

Like this...


And just as a test, to myself @Bob Perry of Web Presence Consulting

 8)  8)  8)

Update: need help please.... seems either the mentions thingy is not working, or it may be that it will not allow you to mention yourself... could one of the ones above acknowledge whether you got notified please by replying here and doing it for my username so I can make sure the email system is not screwed up again, it was working fine several days ago

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New @mention feature...

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