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Author Topic: ISE 2017: Vivitek provided glimps of 7500 lumen laser-phosphor 4K DLP projector  (Read 309 times)

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At ISE in Amsterdam this year Vivitek, provided a first glimps of what will be its first 4K DLP projector using the TI XPR Pixel-shifting technology. As the little consumer projector announced at CES is not scheduled to arrive befor the third quarter. Whereas Vivitek has announced following the show that the 4K 7500 lumens Blu Laser-Phosphor DK8500Z and its WUXGA sibling, the DU8190Z, will be launched in Q2 of 2017.

There was no news on the 2288 or a business version of the little three thousand US Dollar 4K lamp based projector that uses the TI XPR pixelshifting technology with the TE660 DMD and associated chipset.

However after some asking around our eyes were guided up, and there was the DK8500Z Blu-Laser-Phosphor 7500 lumen 4K XPR projector. Way up high it was not to be inspected, and the image hard(er) to judge.

No MSRP or list price has been set yet, but I was told it would likely be in the €30K range. The highest I heared at the show, but will it also be 50% brighter than the 5K lumens quoted for most competitors?

Both the DK8500Z and DU8190Z feature powerful laser light sources which offer up to 20,000 hours of operation, making them ideal for venues that need power and positioning flexibility combined with durability and ease of use. Laser light sources do not require lamp changes, which minimises maintenance, while their mercury-free designs ensures that they are environmentally friendly solutions.

"Suitable for large applications, the DK8500Z offers exceptional picture clarity in 4K/UHD resolution and 7500 ANSI Lumens brightness. The DU8190Z meanwhile is a WUXGA laser light source projector with a strong performance of 10,000 ANSI Lumens brightness", Vivitek said in a statement.
Designed for easy installation, both projectors offer motorized lens shift and Lens Position Memory function. Installation flexibility is ensured with 8 optional lenses ranging from 0.38:1 to 5.31-8.26:1 throw ratio. With built-in edge-blending, warping and portrait mode projection with 360-degrees, they are truly versatile projectors, designed for a variety of applications.

Commenting on Vivitek's new large venue projectors, Holger Graeff, General Manager EMEA, Vivitek, said: "The introduction of the DK8500Z, DU8190Z and DU6771 (dual UHP lamp projector, ed.) once again sees Vivitek setting new standards in image quality, performance, quality and value for money. These latest additions to our line of large venue projectors utilise the latest technologies in order to offer an unparalleled user experience. With a projector to suit every budget and requirement, our new large venue projectors slot in to our ever-expanding portfolio, offering the quality and performance associated with the Vivitek brand".

Vivitek's shared its stand with parent company Delta Electronics small pitch modular led display.Delta's own stand in a different hall was completely dedcated to its Laser-Phosphor cubes.

Vivitek's complete line of portable LED projectors including the 1080P Qumi8.

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