ISE 2017: iMAGsystems Lighting up 10Gbit/s ethernet with video

ISE 2017: iMAGsystems Lighting up 10Gbit/s ethernet with video Author Topic: ISE 2017: iMAGsystems Lighting up 10Gbit/s ethernet with video  (Read 458 times)

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ISE 2017: iMAGsystems Lighting up 10Gbit/s ethernet with video
ISE 2017: iMAGsystems Lighting up 10Gbit/s ethernet with video
« on: Fri January 27, 2017, 06:09:58 PM »
iMAGsystems is to use its presence at ISE 2017 to debut Lightning, an
advanced new encoder/decoder. Lightning delivers uncompressed, zero-latency digital video at up to 4K resolution
using standard 10GbE infrastructure, allowing Ethernet networks to truly become the backbone of AV systems.
Based on the next-generation AptoVision Blue River NT2000 chipset, the technology brings an unmatched level
of flexibility and scalability, routing high-resolution video to multiple destinations retaining every pristine detail of
the original source.

The Aptovision chipset and protocol form the basis of the SDVoE Alliance standard for uncompressed 4k video over 10GigE, but the Australians have not (yet) been announced as a member of this alliance, so will this stuff work together?

“It’s a huge game changer for the market,” says iMAGsystems CEO Gerry Raffaut. “Taking advantage of the
latest generation ultra hi-def panels by getting 4K onto the canvas is a huge improvement, but arguably it’s the
multiview capabilities that will provide the most commercial opportunities for consultants and system integrators.
Until now multiview has been the preserve of expensive hardware solutions sold into the upper end of the
market — command and control centres, and the like — but now consultants and integrators can encourage the
investment into 4K in new markets such as huddle spaces and collaboration, safe in the knowledge that those
extra pixels will be fully exploited.”

The integrator-friendly system allows video walls of up to 5x5 (25 displays), and any combination of asymmetrical
matrix switching can be accommodated within the one system (rendering proprietary fixed-sized matrix systems
obsolete). New features include multi-source video compositing, video wall processing with bezel correction,
broadcast quality scaling, and no-compromise support for IP-based switching and extension of true 4K/60Hz
(4:4:4, at 8 bit, as 10 bit would result in a total datarate of more that 10 GBit/s) video over 100m of CatX or 30km of fibre. The NT2000 chipset is also HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 compliant,
and supports the transmission of audio, GbE, 480Mbps USB 2.0, RS-232 and IR.

The power and potential of the AptoVision NT2000 chipset is formidable but Lightning truly distinguishes itself
thanks to its software — Lightning Control Centre (LCC). iMAGsystems’ software engineers have worked
tirelessly to ensure that working with LCC is straightforward for all involved in the project, from the specifier to
the programmer and the technician installing and commissioning the system. LCC makes a Lightning network
easy to configure and operate — think of the Lightning Control Centre as the key that unlocks the full gamut of
possibilities made available by the AptoVision Blue River NT2000 chipset.

“The time is absolutely right for a product like Lightning,” says Raffaut. “We’re currently seeing interest from
dozens of projects — commercial to hospitality, corporate, education and healthcare – that are all seeing the
compelling advantages of moving zero-latency, uncompressed full-definition multiview video to the network.

Lightning, with its unlimited scalability, is particularly attractive to larger commercial projects but we’ve had
strong interest from pubs and licensed clubs as well.”