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Author Topic: ISE 2017: Casio surprises with 4K 5000 lumens laser-phosphor projector  (Read 399 times)

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ISE 2017: Casio surprises with 4K 5000 lumens laser-phosphor projector
« on: Mon February 20, 2017, 07:59:43 AM »
For me Casio proofed to be the surprise of the show. It was the first to move to laser-phosphor projection back at ISE 2010, but seemed to remain stuck in WXGA world for most of the years since. Even with the first larger 3000/3500 lumen rated boxes performance remained at the 'spreadsheet' level. But this year it advertised in the ISE show Daily its new 5000 lumens 4K laser projector. The XJ-L8300HN, L for large venue, turned out to be the by now familiar big Coretronic box, except it was white not black.

And the lumens showed it made the still images pop and provided a saturated look. Of course it being a slideshow, we expect the colours of the photo's to be matched to the projector to make it shine. And we can't judge for motion, but the detail in model hair and animal peltz was there. The dark brown hair also looked natural. So very good first impression.

It should be available by June. And here comes the surprise: a list price of 'just' 5000 euro plus VAT, so roughly 6000 including VAT. Wich compares favorable to the BenQ's 10000,- and Optoma's MSRP of 14500 including VAT for the 4K500. For business buyers therefor an Euro per nominal lumens.

Casio is also looking to bring 4K at 4000 lumens to its smaller 'Advanced' platform. Wich it expect will be the big runner, whereas the XJ-L8300HN is to open a new market for Casio, Large Venue, as it sofar was only able to address the segment upto 3500 lumens. This should come in December or Q1 2018 depending on R&D snags popping up, or not.

Casio's representative at the show also mentioned Casio has made a further 30% improvement in energy usage over previous designs, accross its range. And even the small portable presentation projectors do now offer richer colors instead of almost pure white light.

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