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Author Topic: ISE 2017: Aurora SDVoE Alliance, integrates SDVoE technology into IPBaseT platfo  (Read 195 times)

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AV over IP, and IPBaseT vendor Aurora Multimedia has joined the SDVoE Alliance and integrated SDVoE technology into the IPBaseT platform.  Aurora has also recognized the SDVoE Alliance as part of the IPBaseT Strategic Partner program. 

Aurora's IPBaseT technology and products combines a variety of 4K IP technologies and features under one unified protocol and solution using a simplified topology. The SDVoE Alliance has developed a standardized protocol initially being implemented on 10G IP solutions. The addition of SDVoE to IPBaseT will further enhance our goal to unify all types of compression, transports, and protocols into one seamless solution.

The IPBaseT Strategic Partner program allows manufacturers and organizations to work together to unify IP solutions for installers, consultants, and end users to ultimately have a better experience even when different brands are used together.

"We are very excited to join the SDVoE Alliance as it is a great addition to the Aurora IPBaseT Strategic Partner program. Having standards in the industry for AV over IP is very important. Allowing users to utilize the SDVoE protocols in IPBaseT products furthers our goal to bridge as many IP technologies together creating the ultimate AV over IP experience", according to Paul Harris CEO of Aurora.

"The Alliance's purpose is to build a complete ecosystem for distributing AV over standard IP networks while maintaining the high-performance standards of the professional AV community", said Justin Kennington, president of the SDVoE Alliance.  "Aurora Multimedia are a pioneer in the AV over IP space, and we are proud to have them join as an early member of the alliance, and to be recognized as a strategic partner to IPBaseT".

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