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Author Topic: ISE 2017: Acer first to sell out 4K DLP Hometheater projector  (Read 289 times)

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ISE 2017: Acer first to sell out 4K DLP Hometheater projector
« on: Mon February 20, 2017, 07:48:11 AM »
Acer on its first ever ISE pressence showed not just one, but two 4K XPR projectors. The big Coretronic chassis we see at most vendors, the V9800, which Acer started selling across Europe last month. And a smaller projector expected by June.

"We started selling it last month for between 4000 and 5000 Euro depending on each market. In every market we started selling we have all ready sold out", said Jens Becker Sr. Business Manager and Head of Projector BU EMEA at Acer. Asked about numbers he replied "It is less than hundreds". Not surprising it quickly sold out, since it was the first to market here in Europe, and the numbers are low. So, of course they are quickly picked up, even if one has to forego motorised zoom and focus. In ISE host country Holland it had only launched with one online retailer. "We are starting slowly". But retailers should be getting new stock by now or very soon.

It is thereby not just the first to start selling the bigger Coretronic Home Theater platform in Europe, it also looks to be the first to offer a smaller platform, come June.Together with Optoma and its UHD60 followed by the UHD65 with RGBRGB color wheel.

The 9800 offer 2200 lumens, according to spec. and it supports HDR! Something not found in the projectors by BenQ and most other vendors. It lacks motorized zoom and focus though. However, at 4000-4500 euro, it is less expensive.

The smaller projector does not give up much on its specs to the big brother 9800, offering 2100,but to me it looked to have a higher black floor,less contrast and less saturation. However these qualities are extremely hard to judge on an open stand design with plenty of ambient light present.

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