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Author Topic: The Future of Cinema and Home Cinema  (Read 450 times)

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The Future of Cinema and Home Cinema
« on: Wed April 05, 2017, 06:07:14 AM »
Since some time LED Walls are out but found so far not the way to the Cinemas or Homecinemas.

Leyard had since some years good LED Walls and the first real good one the Germany Lang AG show at ISE 2016 a good year ago.
A about 10 meter wide true 8K LED Wall with 7680x4320 resolution.

Sony jump into it with their CLEDS 8x2K Wall they show at CES 2017 and  CinemaCon 2017.
People that saw it like it a lot as compare to other the Sony can do much more cr. and much better and wider colors.

The biggest news over all for me from CinemaCon 2017 was that Samsung plan to enter the Cinema Market with their new cinema screen Technology.

This company is a huge Company and a huge competitor in the Cinema Market and if they enter this marked it say a lot.
But even if it is some years away to adopt for Home Cinema use I strongly believe that it will come to the home cinema sooner or later.

One big problem is the price.
At the moment it is very expensive and likely too much for Cinemas and also Home Cinemas.
But this can change.
I hear that the Samsung Cinema Screen is may in a price range that some Cinemas will go with it in 2018 when Samsung will have this product at the market.

As in the Cinemas bigger pixel pitch are possible compare to home cinema this new Technology will likely comes first in public Cinemas and later in Home Cinemas
as the smaller the pixel pitch are the more expensive it will be.

General this is an option for me when:
-I can afford it
-it can show good 3D (don´t know if they can do polarizer or shutter or only 2D!)
-it will give me a big Advantage in picture performance to my Barco Thor Laser Projector that perform very well

This Technology have the potential to replace conventional Projectors faster that some people think at this time.
And it will be exciting to see when and how this Technology will be hit with final buyable Products.

The Cinemas need something special in Picture Quality and this may is a new option as it will be
almost impossible to do HDR at high lumen with a Projector.
But let’s see also Projectors will get some improvement’s in the next years.

It will be an exciting time the next few years!

Linkback: http://dci-forum.com/d-cinema-home/11/future-cinema-home-cinema/1901/

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Re: The Future of Cinema and Home Cinema
« Reply #1 on: Wed April 05, 2017, 05:22:17 PM »
This is big news indeed. The future is looking bright.

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Re: The Future of Cinema and Home Cinema
« Reply #2 on: Thu April 06, 2017, 06:28:45 AM »

Bob is so right here. The SiliconCore Lisa technology that combines COB and manufacturing processes, also results in a smooth encapsuled surface that has the chip on board leds flat like Sony's micro leds. The 0.2 mm future is based on cob leds that also have housing that is as large as the chip, a step further than cob, SiliconCore said it expect it could go down to 0.5mm pitch with its COB LED Display. Currently it is at 0.95 with SMD LED.

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Re: The Future of Cinema and Home Cinema
« Reply #3 on: Thu April 06, 2017, 09:05:34 PM »
A very good link!

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Re: The Future of Cinema and Home Cinema
« Reply #4 on: Sat April 08, 2017, 03:38:29 AM »
I think it is just a matter of time when this technology will hit final to the Cinemas as there is so much advantage in it:

-no Screen need
-no Screen replacement need
-no impact from audience about they can decrease cr.
-no impact from exit light or other lighting in cinemas
-the only way to show true HDR at very high lumen
-no projector room need with air condition air exhaust
-the only possible way to project more than 4K like 8k as projectors will never can do this in a perfect way
-infinity cr. on off AND "perfect Ansi Cr." better than Dolby Vision
-no convergence issues
-and more….

Still one question about how to do Center Audio?

It will be hit Home Cinema when the Pixel Pitch is in the 1mm range and the modules gets very cheap.

But again question is here not "if" just “when” it will be.

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Re: The Future of Cinema and Home Cinema
« Reply #5 on: Sat April 08, 2017, 03:52:57 AM »
The heat coming from an 2.5mm only led panel at ISE was quite noticable, so you'll need cooling at the display end instead. Modules and electronics will die and need replacing, cycle will determine uptake. Theoretically there will be reflections back onto the display, but given its emmissive nature this will be less of an hinderance.

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Re: The Future of Cinema and Home Cinema
« Reply #6 on: Sat April 22, 2017, 07:21:02 AM »
I do not think that the heat is a huge problem in a big cinema.
150 FTL is too much for a dark cinema I think.
So if you dim it down to may half of it it will be fine.
Do not forget that this high lumen out is ONLY require to show HDR Highlights so most of the screen most time is at normally brightness level or may a bit higher than the average 14 FTL we have today.
But if heat is a problem I am sure there are easy ways to solve this problem.
There are other more important disadvantages that is may not so easy to solve.

I think that it will have a big impact for Cinemas if the price comes down a lot from todays price level.
To do this the cost per pixel need to be drop a lot.
So far the 2.4 or 2.5mm pixel pitch is the optimal size where price is at optimum.
Going down with this pixel pitch encrease the price a lot but also made it bigger cost more.

I am also not sure if 2.4 mm is small engouh to have a big screen especially for the first few rows.
Better is arround half of this but this will be than extrem expensive.

For homecinema we need pixel pitch below 1mm.
To see this LED Walls  for a good price it  will take many years so I think it is not a problem to order now a new Laser Pr. like the Barco Thor as this pr. will be for at least more then 4 years the best what you can do.
And who knows may this new HDR Technology Barco is working on will have in 2 years a product that will be very comettitive with this LED Walls for a cheaper price......

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Re: The Future of Cinema and Home Cinema
« Reply #7 on: Tue April 25, 2017, 12:51:59 PM »
I hear from some good informed people that it is very likely that first screen from Samsung will be install late 2017!
So if true it comes sooner than everybody think.

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