CES: NASA TV 4K Channel ads HDR for CES

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CES: NASA TV 4K Channel ads HDR for CES
CES: NASA TV 4K Channel ads HDR for CES
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HDR content produced for and delivered through NASA TV's 4K channel is being demonstrated at CES this week on Multiple Platforms,with the aim to acelerate UHD adoption.

CES: NASA TV 4K Channel ads HDR for CES

Harmonic that remotely manages the complete operation of the channel for NASA TV just announced that it has created Ultra HD (UHD) content in high dynamic range (HDR) with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and will have it on display for the first time at CES 2016. The material will be shown by Harmonic and a broad range of ecosystem partners, including Broadcom, LG Electronics, Sigma Designs, STMicroelectronics and ViXS Systems. They will showcase how content produced and delivered in HDR UHD transcends the current UHD BT 709 video format, making the television viewing experience significantly more compelling. So it will use a wider gamut, but no mention of how wide the color gamut is, most likely P3, in the Rec. 2020 container, not full Rec. 2020 gamut.

Report from the showfloor by Cineramax: " nasa looked good".

"There has been a lot of buzz in the television industry about HDR UHD, but little content has been produced so far. At CES 2016, we will unveil the first images from the new NASA TV UHD channel in this breathtaking new format," said Peter Alexander, chief marketing officer at Harmonic. "This demonstration showcases the interoperability of Harmonic's HDR UHD production and delivery workflow with a broad range of chipsets, TVs and set-top boxes. CES attendees are invited to stop by participating partners' booths and suites to view this beautiful imagery from the space program."

Content will be sourced from the new NASA TV UHD channel and demonstrated in the HDR-10 scheme.

The HDR UHD content being shown at CES was created using an end-to-end UHD delivery system from Harmonic. At the heart of the UHD compression workflow is Harmonic's Electra™ X3 advanced media processor, the industry's first converged media processor for UHD content with live, full-frame, full-GOP UHD encoding. Powered by the Harmonic PURE Compression Engine, an advanced encoding technology that supports resolutions up to 2160p60 (HEVC Main 10) for broadcast and OTT multiscreen delivery, the Electra X3 enables video content and service providers to deliver superior video quality at minimum bandwidth. Additionally, for CES 2016, Harmonic's ProMedia Carbon powered the HDR-10 UHD file transcoding in HEVC/H.265 format.

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