CES 2018 what a huge disappointment!

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CES 2018 what a huge disappointment!
CES 2018 what a huge disappointment!
« on: Wed January 10, 2018, 06:54:08 PM »
Some years I flight over to US to see CES Show as some interesting things will show there up first time.
Last time I was 2016 at the Show to see some 8K LED TVs I like to buy.
This time 2 company’s promise to have later 2016 the first 8K TV on the market but we know that was not true.
They not came in 2016 not in 2017 and likely not in 2018.

I watch all major Press convergence’s live from CES 2018 but beside that a refrigerator tells me or make proposals what to eat there was
not much about what I am interested and that is 8K TV I like to use for my computer to see my digital Pictures I shot since some time in 8K
and also a bigger than 77” OLED with hopefully 8K and 3D support.
But it was a disappointment all over.
The 88” 8K OLED from LG was a Technologic Demonstration that LG can manufacture such a TV nothing more.
Nothing you can buy in 2018 and no 3D!

Than Samsung with a 145”LED Wall but also there only 4K not the 8K Version I had hope for and not for sale likely in 2018!
Also price I hear was insane 250.000$ I have hear from normally good informed sources!
About Samsung 8K LCD TV in interviews I hear that they don’t know at this time what size they may like to offer!!! so likely not any buyable 8K TV from Samsung
in 2018.

So what’s left.
HMDI 2.1 that likely not hit in 2018 or if at all very late ...WOW this is may the big or at least one reason for what’s NOT happen in 2018!

Oh I forget there was some news that is good for me.
Panasonic is coming with a new Still Picture Camera the GH5”S”.
I had the GH5 and shot with it Astro Pictures from the Planets Jupiter Saturn and so on.
The new S version have less Pixels but the noise was much less compare to the normally GH5.
A big improvement for me for Planets or other objects see 2 pictures.

So at least one good news for me as this camera is buyable in 4 weeks from now not like the fancy things CES Show have as most of them
will be not buyable in 2018!

I am happy that I not flight over to the show spending money and time to see products I not can buy in 2018.
What a disappointment the whole CES 2018!

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CES 2018 what a huge disappointment!
Re: CES 2018 what a huge disappointment!
« Reply #1 on: Fri January 12, 2018, 08:01:23 PM »
Wolfgang, disapointing edition video news wise, I agree.

As for 8K TVs Sharp started with an 70" that shipped in China. Japan was announced for shipping/going on sale in December. And Europe was(is?) scheduled for March.

As for 8K video monitors. I asked an Autostereoscopic vendor last year, what 8K display is that? Ah just an 8K panel, you can just buy them off the shelf, pretty commodity now.

I am not familiar with Japanese online stores, but this site is selling it at 1 million Yen https://www.biccamera.com.e.lj.hp.transer.com/bc/item/3811174/.

As for LGDisplay (yes it was announced by LG Display not LG Electronics) technology demonstrators are often very close to market. For instance the transducer audio system, and there was Sony that bought these panels for its TVs. I am sure we will see it used for demonstrations for the World Cup, but I doubt we will see 'mass production' this year, as the new China OLED plant will only come online this summer.

3D is making a come back, both DPI and SiliconCore will be showing SMD LED with (sequential,120 Hz) 3D at ISE. But in the wider market 3D is still dead. For OLED it cost light

Samsung is slightly smaller than the Sony CLED for the same 4K resolution, but you could get four for the price of the CLED, so there's 8K. May I suggest you start looking for a small warehouse;-).

The Sony 10K nits 8K LCD was also a technology demonstrator.

The Panasonic GH5s, dual native ISO (2500, 400 ISO), two analog circuits per pixel (photosites or pixel like with the Sony Alpha 7SIII, where there are multiple photosites per pixel), one for brighter environments the other for lower light environments. So the question is will this $2500 Panasonic beat the current low light king in the system camera category, the $3500 Sony Alpha 7 SIII.

Here's a comparison with the generation 2 Sony A7S.
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CES 2018 what a huge disappointment!
Re: CES 2018 what a huge disappointment!
« Reply #2 on: Sat January 13, 2018, 07:14:28 PM »
I wish you was right that the Sony A7S3 was already out to the market as it will be the king of the night but this camera is not released.

Sony delayed this camera and no one knows any details.
Originally Sony should announce it lately at CES 2018.
The new Sensor technology Sony use first time in this camera will be not only use in Sony camera’s also some 3 other camera manufacturer have to wait for it.
No one knows how much better low light the new S3 will have compare to the existing S2.
So it is difficult to say if it’s worse to wait or buy the existing S2 but I decide to wait for the new one.

The 8K Sharp yes they should come in March but so far I know it NOT have the HDMI 2.1 inputs.
I thing they feed 8K via 4 HDMI inputs and that’s for me a no go.
My new Computer with a 8K Graphic Card will have a HDMI 2.1 output to run the 8K signal via 1 cable not via 4 cables and I will not support such a early temporary solution to feed 8K when the right solution is only some months later there.
Same for the other 8K TV you post a link.

3D is not complete dead as you sad but it will need some big event like the new upcoming Avatar 2 movie to get back more attention from the public.
I am very happy to have with the Barco Thor the best 3D visible today and that I can create my own 4K 3D Content at least for still pictures.

It is a shame with all the new very bright display technologies are lately there and the upcoming one that 3D was not anymore supported
as 3D brightness was the weakest point and that’s with this new displays not anymore the bottleneck.
Also 8K is a perfect for 3D as it is a very easy way of doing 3D in 4K.
Best is to made a 8K picture top down so you have in the horizontally (that is more imported to the eye than vertical!!!) direction full 8K resolution and
Horizontally still 4K resolution so per eye you see double 4K resolution!

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CES 2018 what a huge disappointment!
Re: CES 2018 what a huge disappointment!
« Reply #3 on: Sat January 13, 2018, 11:42:51 PM »
Did anyone here see the Lumens microled?